WPC is a movement for all humans to create and participate in the biggest event humanity has ever created


WPC is a movement for all humans living our heroes’ journeys. It is the real life journey of individuals. Influencing the world. Making the world a better place. WPC is driven by visions of utopia for all people, animals and plants. On Earth and throughout the universe.

We each have a unique life purpose that drives us. Some of us are working on universal wealth creation, life extension, artificial general intelligence, climate change, sexual freedom, new forms of governance and redefining spirituality, as examples. Others in our movement are into art, music and storytelling and simply living harmoniously with our immediate communities and neighbors.

We all face challenges: finding our true inner selves, spreading the word about our missions, enrolling humans in our projects, healing internal conflict, securing big partnerships with organizations and governments, raising money and more.

Overcoming challenges requires a collective effort. We all need to be one another’s heroes. Let’s find out if utopia is possible by harnessing and harmonizing our collective consciousness.

About Us

Story of Our Name

The name Humans Are Heroes illustrates our belief that all people are heroes. In our society today, certain people are often held up as exemplary, and others not. This exclusion is rooted in the problem of human ego, the idea that some people are better than others, which causes separateness and suffering. We, Humans Are Heroes, recognize the truth -- that every human being matters, and that we are for team humanity. We are all heroes. All 7.6 billion of us. “HAH!”

Why Are We Doing This?

We dare to see a future that cares about all living beings. We want every human to help every other human. We want life to flourish. We want people to live boldly and become the people they wish to become. We want humans to be healthy, vibrant, youthful and joyous. We want to live in harmony with the earth. We want technology to make us happier. To help us achieve our wildest dreams. We want world peace. We dream about utopia. We think it’s possible. We feel it’s possible.

We see an abundance of resources. We wish to channel the transformative effect of technology towards the good of humanity. We are stepping out of our day-to-day lives.

We want all humans to live extraordinary lives. We are co-creating a new a reality, one that celebrates the essence of being alive in the 21st century. We are ordinary, average people who see extraordinary possibilities.

And you, too, are a hero.

Words from our Founder

Daniel Roth’s life story

how you can participate


Blockchain is a technology of trust.

WPC will be supported by a blockchain technology that will empower you to directly collaborate with our heroes to reach humanity’s highest goals.

Blockchain’s decentralized nature is embodied in the utopian world we seek.

This technological revolution will allow us all to engage on equal footing and transform life in every corner of the world.

hollywood meets the Bay Area meets New York

Stories created in LA reverberate on screens and in homes across the world.

Bay Area innovations transform life around the world. New York is the world’s financial center, and where the world’s leaders meet. Put the three together and you influence the world.


We strive to reach leaders of countries and governments to impact citizens. To help existing government to act benevolently on behalf of its citizens.

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